Dealing with tired pitchers and injuries in Strat

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Sometimes we run into problems when we play a series either on the boardgame or on someone else's computer, and then come back to our own computer. We may have injuries that we need to deal with -- sometimes we need to tell the computer that a player is injured, and sometimes we need to tell the computer that a player is NOT injured.

NOTE: I know these screen shots are really old, but they are still accurate in terms of the way the game works. Strat has just prettied up the interface. 

Making players tired or injured

First of all, if your team has not played any games on your computer, you are not able to make any of these changes. So just keep track of any injuries on paper until you finish the first game of your team on your computer, and then you can make these changes. 

Having started your season, you now need to go to the Statistics menu, to Update Statistics.

You'll see that it lists team information at first. You then need to use the down arrow at the top left next to where it says "Team Info" to get a menu with a list of players. Move down the list of players and choose the player in question (batters are listed at the top of the list, pitchers at the bottom).

Having selected the player, use the slider bar on the right to scroll down the options listed. If you want to have it show pitchers being tired, go to the "Days to Next" box, put in the number of games that pitcher needs to rest until he can go again at full strength. Of course, this should be 1 for a reliever who has been used two days in a row, and either 3 or 4 for a starter, depending on whether the starter is starred or not.

One important point here: If you use a reliever in one game, when you go to select a starter for the next game, it will say that the reliever is (Tired-1), as shown here for Rheal Cormier.

However, this does NOT mean that Cormier would be tired if you brought him into the second game. He would only be tired if you brought him in as a starter.

Specifically, the Choose Starter screen will say (Tired-1) after you have used a reliever one day AND after you have used a reliever two days in a row. THE GAME WILL TREAT THE TIRED RELIEVER PROPERLY -- he will only be tired if you bring him in as a reliever a third day running, and this is evident on your team's bench screen during the game. After a reliever has been used two days in a row, he will show up as tired in your list of pitchers. He will NOT show up as tired after one day's usage, even though the Choose Starter screen at the start of the game says he is (Tired-1).

You can confirm this by going to look at the Edit Statistics screen for Cormier in this situation, where it will show that he has 0 days until next.



For injuries, you'll want to use the "Injury Days Left" box. This is helpful for our league, where we treat injuries differently than the strat rules in general do.

Finally, if a player has reached the maximum number of injuries for a season according to our rules, and thus cannot be removed from a game for injury reasons, you can change the "Injury Tot Days" to a large number, so that the computer will recognize that the player cannot be injured further.

 I have not explored the injury options for bugs as much as I have the pitcher usage options.


That's pretty much it. Let me know if any of this is unclear, or if you find any errors.