How to set up the Rules on the Computer Game for Official TSL Games

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We've made some rules changes in our league that can affect how we set up the computer rules, so bear with me as I walk through how to set up the rules so that it does what we want it to do.

Game Rules

Before you can set up the Rules screen, you have to determine whether your home ballpark has 1) a low LCF wall, a low RCF wall, or both (meaning that the rules settings have to allow for homeruns to be robbed) or whether both the LCF and RCF walls are high (meaning that the rules settings prevent robbing homeruns). "High" means 11 feet or higher. If both the LCF and RCF walls are high, then the settings are a little simpler. First, go to the Options Menu, and Choose "Rules." Here is what the settings should be like when you are all done.

At this point, if you have high outfield walls, you're done with the main rules settings.

HOWEVER, if you have low walls (one wall or both), you need to make one minor change. Instead of have the first selection be "Super Advanced," it needs to be "Maximum Level", as shown here.

Once you do that, click inthe box at the bottom of the screen that says "Max Rules." You will get this screen.

Now, uncheck everything in this box EXCEPT the box for "Robbing HR Rule", as shown in the picture above.

Now that you've done that, you have to be sure that the ballpark code that you are using is for a park that has the wall heights that match the ones you want. There's information here about the current major league ballparks' wall heights. (If you want to use something other than a current major league ballpark, let me know and I should be able to help you.)

Line-ups and Usage

Go to the Options menu, and select "Lineups and Usage". This screen has no effect on how each individual game is played. It is primarily for games that are played against the computer. Nonetheless, setting it up as shown below will make it a little more convenient each time you start a game.


Game Preferences

Go to the Options Menu, and select "Game Preferences." This screen will not affect the actual game play (i.e., the outcomes of games), but it will affect your experience of the game. These setting are for the most part just my personal preferences. Feel free to set them the way you want them.

Never, ever, ever use The Regulator.


Rolling the Dice

Go to the Options Menu, and select "Dice/Cards/Splits". Some of this is also my preference. But the one you want to set most of the time is "Dice Input: Dice Rolled Automatically". Also, if you purchased the card image option, be sure to check "Show Cards in Notebook".

If you select either of the "Single Die" options under "Dice Stop" and/or "Tactile Split Cards" under "Split Input", you have to click to make the dice stop rolling or the split deck stop.